Originally from Russia, Anna T. Litovkina lives in Hungary and is currently professor in the Applied Linguistics Faculty at Tischner European University, Cracow and assistant professor in the Department of Modern Philology at János Selye University (Komárno, Slovakia). She has a PhD in ethnography, and is also a habilitated doctor in linguistics. She has taught a number of courses on linguistics, folklore and cultural studies (including such specialized offerings as Anglo-American Proverbs, American Humor, and American Folklore), as well as on the English, Hungarian and Russian languages. She is the author of nine books on proverbs, including A Proverb a Day Keeps Boredom Away (2000), Magyar közmondástár (2005), Old Proverbs Never Die, They Just Diversify: A Collection of Anti-Proverbs (in co-authorship with Wolfgang Mieder, 2006), „Viccében él a nemzet”. Válogatott közmondás-paródiák (2006, in co-authorship with Katalin Vargha), as well as more than one hundred articles on the subject. She has been a co-editor of a number of volumes on humour: a special issue of Acta Ethnographica Hungarica on Anti-Proverbs (2007, with Carl Lindahl), a special issue of Acta Ethnographica Hungarica on Humour and Folklore (2009, with Péter Barta), A humor dimenziói (Dimensions of Humour) (2010, with Péter Barta and Judit Hidasi), Linguistic Shots at Humour (2010, with Péter Barta and Margit Daczi), and Hungarian Humour (2012, with Péter Medgyes, Judit Sollosy, and Dorota Brzozowska).

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