What is true happiness?

When I was a school girl, I heard from a Russian academician: “True happiness is leaving home for work happily, and happily coming back home from work.” This is my typical state… Indeed, I count myself extremely lucky, because I have a profession that I love and enjoy my research, teaching, and writing. I have the most wonderful daughter (Veronika Tóth), and I also have many friends in different parts of the world, friends who do not strive for money, position or status but rather for meaningful relationships, love, friendship, and quality time spent together. If I were on the North Pole and in need of a box of matches, I am convinced many of my friends would bring it to me, and naturally, I would do the same for them.

I would like to live on such a planet

Once upon a time, at the beginning of the third millennium, there was a planet called Earth. There were not any wars on a single spot of it, and its inhabitants were living according to the principle, Make love, not war. Innocent children and women were not dying there from bomb attacks, or any other form of violence or natural disaster. Everyone had enough food and water there. This was such a wonderful planet, where love, goodwill, and helpfulness were ruling, where everyone accepted Love your neighbor as thyself, All for one and one for all, and Live and let live as basic truths of their lives. Man was not a wolf to another man, and little fish were splashing there in the company of big fish. Money and power were just empty, meaningless words for the inhabitants of this planet, since their motto was: Money can’t buy happiness and Money is not everything. Knowledge, competence, and honesty were considered to be the greatest virtues: Knowledge is power, Honesty is the best policy, Wisdom is better than riches. The rules of fair play prevailed…

About student-teacher relationship

I always treat my students as equals; I don’t feel any superiority towards them. Those who are my students today, in a few years’ time may become my colleagues, or co-authors. My job as a teacher is not to assume dictatorial authority with my students, but to make them love and learn the subjects I teach.

It is not the result which attracts me but the process of creation

It is simply one of the most wonderful feelings to watch, or to be part of the process, when seemingly out of nothing something special and enduring is created. This act of creation may be writing a book, or organizing a conference, or feeling and cultivating love, friendship, or co-authorship, planning and implementing a trip, dreaming and executing a painting, and even preparing delicious meal… Something that once, even in our boldest dreams, we didn’t dare to think of, suddenly comes to life. Once a seed of a thought finds suitable soil, and if proper cultivation and positive thinking are provided, it buds and eventually starts flourishing. It remains a great mystery to me how I have ever managed to write a book, or to paint a glass. I have given up trying to answer this question. It is not the result that attracts me but the process of creation….

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